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Molalla Communications Cooperative

The benefits of belonging to a cooperative versus a for-profit communications company aren’t found in the type of services offered, but rather in the quality of services, prices, support, and the motivation behind offering those services. As a result, the type and quality of Molalla Communications Company services are tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of our unique community and Membership. Since we are a non-profit cooperative, our mission of Enriching the Lives of All Those We Serve becomes top priority and forms the basis for how most decisions are made within our company.

From feedback the Membership has provided, we offer added benefits like free, local in-house technical support, in-home Computer Services and Solutions that our Members find convenient and affordable; and same day or next day phone repair/troubleshooting. We also offer local Customer support from our helpful and knowledgeable Customer Support Team.

Another significant benefit to having a cooperative culture in Molalla/Mulino is MCC’s involvement in, and our overall commitment to, improving our community. Throughout the year, Molalla Communications proudly supports many worthwhile community programs. We sponsor local organizations like FFA, Molalla High School Boosters, and donate thousands of dollars to graduating seniors to help with college. We also put on our own events like the Annual Meeting. The following list is a sample of the many ways we support our Membership. Please read on about this system and how it benefits our community.

Some Community Events We Sponsor and Support:

  • Over 200 scholarships given through the Molalla Communications Educational Foundation
  • Molalla Adult Center
  • Mulino Elementary iPads
  • Bear Creek Byway
  • Molalla High School Share the love
  • Molalla High School Drama
  • Molalla High School Trap Team
  • Molalla High School Baseball
  • Molalla High School Band
  • Molalla High School Newspaper
  • Molalla High School Choir Singing Christmas Tree
  • (American Cancer Society) Molalla Relay for Life Sponsorship
  • Molalla Foothills Freedom 5k and Molalla River Trail Race
  • Molalla Historical Society
  • Molalla Youth Sports Baseball
  • Molalla Farmers Market
  • Renaissance Public Academy
  • Rural Dell Elementary Parent-Teacher Club (PTC)

Per bylaw 10.6, “If equity credits in an equity credit account are held in the name of a husband and wife as joint members, and the husband and wife are divorced, the Cooperative, unless otherwise notified in writing, shall be entitled to assume for all purposes under this Article X that the parties to the divorce each has an equal interest in such equities.” This means the distribution of funds will pay out in the matter earned.

MCC requires a Death Certificate and an Estate Credit Redemption Agreement before removing a deceased member from an account whether it is an active or inactive account. The Estate Credit Redemption Agreement form must be notarized by an official notary. For your convenience, MCC has several notaries available. If the account is active a new member application form needs to be completed in addition to the above.

The allocation notices are addressed to the original name or names on the account or member number. If you have a name change, please notify MCC and provide a copy of your marriage certificate or court document. Once MCC receives proof of name, we can change the account name on file.

Please consult with the attorney that represented that particular estate.

The patronage is paid under the original name on the account. If you can provide proof of past sole ownership, MCC can change the name for distribution purposes if the business no longer exists.

Since MCC requires a supercedure (release/acceptance of financial responsibility) form to be signed by both the incoming and outgoing parties, the new business owner would have a different member number from the previous business owner. An MCC Customer Support Representative can research this for you and should be able to determine this by the unique member number.

It is possible that a name change was never completed on the account. You may be asked to provide a copy of a death certificate. MCC requires death certificates (as stated above) to remove a deceased person from an account.

Yes, if your check(s) totaled more than $600.00 during the calendar year.

Donation Request Form

Click Here to download an electronic, editable Donation Request Form for Community and Economic Development.

If you have any questions regarding donation request, partnerships, or community events, email support@molalla.com

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Marci Marsh photo

Marci Marsh   |   Chairman   |   Position # 3

Marci has lived in Molalla since 1978, and retired as a Manager from U.S. Bank in 1995. She plays an active role in the community as a member of Kiwanis, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Marci brings her enthusiasm, extensive business knowledge, and community involvement to Molalla Communications’ Board. She has been an integral part in many accomplishments during her tenure on the Board. Marci has been a member of the MCC Board of Directors since 1993.

Kae Wise photo

Kae Wise   |   Secretary   |   Position # 4

Born in Molalla, Kae has demonstrated her commitment to the community both as a long-term resident and an established business owner.

During her tenure as a member of the Board of Directors, Kae has made numerous invaluable contributions to MCC. She has been a decisive part of providing members the advanced and quality services that they come to expect from MCC, such as high-speed Internet service that is available to 100% of our servicing area, voice mail and Caller ID, and voice service that meets or exceeds industry standards in every criteria. Kae has been a member of the MCC Board of Directors since 1997.

Rick Dishner photo

Rick Dishner   |   Director   |   Position # 5

Rick has been a resident of Molalla since 1979. He has been involved in the Molalla community through various organizations and businesses since 1997. Rick’s businesses include Ricky D's Pizza, Willamette Valley Accounting, and his wife, Cindy Dishner, is the owner of Cindy's Café and Catering.

Rick brings his strong business background and likeminded philosophy of providing exceptional customer service, and community support, to the Molalla Communications’ Board. Rick has been a member of the MCC Board of Directors since 2020.

Ronald Jones photo

Ronald Jones   |   Vice-Chairman   |   Position # 1

Ron has been a resident of Molalla since 1995 when he joined Molalla Communications as the Operations Manager. He was employed 8 1/2 years, retiring in June of 2003 as the Vice President of Operations.

Ron has always enjoyed being involved in activities that are beneficial to the community. He is currently an honorary member of the Molalla Buckeroo association, and served on their Board of Directors for 9 years and held the position of Treasurer for 6 years. Ron holds an AA Degree in Business Administration from Victor Valley Junior College, Victorville, CA and a BS in Personnel/Industrial Relations Degree from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

His background in telecommunications has been a great asset to the MCC Board and MCC Members. Ron has been a member of the MCC Board of Directors since 2007.

Ed Stafford photo

Ed Stafford   |   Director   |   Position # 2

Ed Stafford has lived in the Molalla area all his life, graduating from Molalla Union High School in 1972 and earning a BS in Business from Oregon State University in 1976. He formerly owned Stafford Oil Company, a Chevron Bulk Oil plant with his father, J.T. (Jack) Stafford. He moved into real estate sales in 2002 and continues it today as part owner of RE/MAX HomeSource here in Molalla. He has been very active in the community for many years in various volunteer organizations: The Molalla Fire Department, Molalla Rotary Club, the Molalla Buckeroo Association and was a former board member with the Molalla Telephone Company in the 1990's.

With Ed's business background, his former experience as a Board member, and his belief in giving back to his community, Ed is indeed an asset to the MCC Board of Directors.

Steve Loutzenhiser photo

Steve Loutzenhiser   |   President and CEO

Steve spent his elementary years in Iowa and his high school years in Minnesota. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Oklahoma Christian University. For numerous years following graduation from OCU, he independently developed and managed businesses and projects for himself and other companies. After making a move to the telecommunications industry, Steve then began formulating and developing business plans for a cooperative in Kansas.

In 1997, Steve began working with KanOkla, a cooperative telephone company located in rural South Central Kansas and North Central Oklahoma. While at KanOkla, he focused on Business Development, Marketing and Operations. Through his experience as Chief Operations Officer at KanOkla, he determined that he enjoyed both the challenge and satisfaction of working with organizations which are member services focused and organizations with a strong commitment to serve the community. Years of experience with KanOkla Telephone Association, along with his previous entrepreneurial projects, have given Steve a sound understanding of the unique position of cooperatives and their positive impact on local communities they serve.

As a child, road trips to his Grandparents’ farm in Alsea, Oregon were a summer highlight. Moving to Molalla with his wife, Donna, and teenage children, Lauren and Luke, in the spring of 2006 to work with MCC has reacquainted Steve with his love of the Pacific Northwest. Steve enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking, snowboarding and reading.

Lance Eves Photo

Lance Eves   |  Vice President and COO

Lance was born and raised in the Wichita, KS area. After serving in the US Air Force for six years as an Electronic Communications and Navigation Systems Technician, he moved into his current field, spending 3 years as a System Administrator for LabCorp and then 9 years as the Internet System Manager for KanOkla Telephone in Caldwell, KS. He joined MCC in August of 2006.

Lance attended college at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS majoring in Business Information Systems. Lance has numerous IT related certifications and has served as a subject matter expert for COMPTIA, assisting in creating some of the tests for their certifications.

Outside of MCC, Lance is an avid runner, enjoys doing anything outdoors, and treasures his time spent with his wife and children. His love for tinkering with the latest technology or "geeking out" as he affectionately calls it, helps MCC to meet and exceed the needs of the Members through the implementation of new and innovative services.

Daphne Lisac photo

Daphne Lisac   |   Consumer Services Manager

Growing up in Oregon, Daphne spent the majority of her childhood attending Clarkes Elementary in nearby Mulino and thoroughly enjoyed participation in Molalla Community Sports. Back in 2004, she returned with her family to the Molalla area and enjoys being an active member of the Molalla Community.

After playing college volleyball at Division I Eastern Kentucky University, Daphne returned to Oregon, completing her college education at Portland State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She then started her career path, which eventually led her into the ever-changing world of the telecom industry.

With over a decade of telecom and business communications systems experience, Daphne offers over 30 years of customer service and a “hands on” approach to MCC’s membership and her team. Subsequent to working for a large competitive local exchange carrier, Daphne decided to join a smaller company where “people can still have a positive impact on the customer experience and community in which we live.” In 2007, she joined the MCC team and has volunteered for the Molalla Chamber Board, Molalla River School District’s Resources for Achievement Committee and Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce Board.

Problem solving is second nature to Daphne and she continually pursues knowledge and expertise outside of her conventional role. Helping and teaching others has always played a substantial role in Daphne’s professional and personal life.

In her free time, Daphne enjoys hiking, bird watching, playing volleyball and spending time with family and friends. She coached high school and club volleyball for 7 years and currently plays on a women’s team in Portland. Daphne has served on the Oregon Telecom Association’s Consumer Services & Marketing Committee since 2008.