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SCAM ALERT - Spoofed Facebook Accounts

The latest Facebook scam takes advantage of users' trust in their friends. Scammers are making duplicate accounts, and then sending friend requests to friends of the original Facebook account holder. For example, say you have a friend named Jane Smith, and you've been friends with her on Facebook for several years. Suddenly, "Jane Smith" (complete with a profile photo you recognize) sends you a new Facebook friend request. What's going on here?

Scammers are betting that you'll accept their request, thinking, "Oh, Jane must have accidentally unfriended me, and is now refriending," or, "Maybe she was off Facebook for a while and has recently rejoined." Unfortunately, it's likelier that neither of these scenarios is true. What's really happening is that someone has duplicated Jane's account in order to friend her friends and gather their personal information or send them spam.

If you've already been fooled by this scam, immediately unfriend the fake account. You can also report the offense to Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/help/167722253287296/

To avoid falling prey to this con in the first place, always check with friends who send you seemingly duplicated requests, using a separate method (such as texting or email) to see if their request is legitimate. Also, inform your other Facebook friends because it's likely you and Jane Smith have some friends in common that the scammer will also try to fool. Finally, to ensure your account doesn't get copied, change your password and adjust privacy settings to something other than Facebook's default "public" view.


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Local featured business image


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GO PINTEREST-ING! - Cool Stuff to Pin on Your Pinterest Boards

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Meatballs

Pinterest logo

Get Your Puppy Fix With These Pics

Southern Inspiration For Décor & Fashion


You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started?
If so, click here... https://pinterest.com/join/signup/


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FEATURED MOBILE APPS - These Are Well Worth A Look

White Noise Ambience Lite
Get a great night's sleep with this app. It features 21 relaxing sounds and enables you to identify favorites, create a playlist, and more.
Learn more here... http://www.logicworks101.com/#!white-noise-ambience-lite/c1zb1

Autodesk Homestyler
Use this app to help you make smarter home design choices. See what real products will look like within a photo of your space by experimenting in 3D.
Learn more here... http://www.homestyler.com/mobile

Get medical advice on the go with WebMD. Use the symptom checker to find out possible causes or learn about side effects of various drugs.
Learn more here... http://www.webmd.com/mobile


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SITES OF THE MONTH - Great Sites to Check Out in March

Site of the month thumbnail image Celebrating Irish-Americans
March is Irish-American Heritage Month, and this site is a great resource for all things Irish. Learn about the Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany, New York. Discover some delicious Irish recipes, find out how to research your Irish ancestors, and much more.

Site of the month thumbnail image Scrumptious Sweets
Get ready to wow your friends and family with the bakery-quality recipes on this site. Start with Cinnamon Rolls or Double Chocolate Pancakes for breakfast and work your way up to scrumptious brownies, cheesecakes, and cookies. Oh, and how about some tarts, pies, or ice cream creations for dessert?

Site of the month thumbnail image Easy Easter Decorating
Need some inspiration for Easter decorating? This slideshow offers many great ideas for pretty centerpieces and table settings. They include egg-shaped place card holders and beautiful bouquet napkin rings. From the simple to the ornate, you're sure to find at least one idea for your Easter table.

Site of the month thumbnail image Tons of Fun Facts
Finally, the answers to all of life's pesky questions, like, "Can your hair turn white from fright?" Learn fun facts in the areas of science, health, history, entertainment, and others. Check out the Top Ten section to learn about the Top 10 Biggest Things in the Universe and much more.


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Wi-Fi Spots - Local Wi-Fi Locations

         MCC Wi-Fi locations


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  • Molalla Police Department.
  • Molalla High School’s Share the Love.
  • 2016 Renaissance Public Academy events and fundraisers.
  • Molalla River Watch.
  • Molalla High School Summer Baseball program.
  • Foothills Freedom 5k and Molalla River Trail Race events for 2016.
  • Molalla Booster Club’s 2016 fundraising dinner and auction for MHS athletics.
  • Oregon Department of Forestry & Molalla Kiwanis Club Molalla Food Bank fundraising dinner and auction.
  • Rural Dell Parent Teacher Club.
  • Butte Creek School.
  • 2016 MHS Graduation party.
  • Molalla River Academy’s 2016 fundraiser dinner and auction.
  • 2016 Goat Mountain Gallop.
  • Wi-Fi setup for Molalla Relay for Life kickoff meeting.
  • Molalla Youth Sports.
  • MHS Singing Christmas Tree.
  • Molalla Manor Resident Wish List Fund.
  • Molalla Foothills Backpack Buddies program.
  • Molalla Foothills Adult Center meal program.
  • Molalla Kiwanis Key Club.
  • 2016 FRS Youth Tour.
  • Country Christian School for sponsorship of their 2016 annual auction and dinner.
  • MHS newspaper, The Crier, for the 2015-2016 school year.
  • MHS drama production, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”.
  • MHS Yearbook class.
  • MHS Dance Team.
  • Molalla FFA Alumni annual auction & dinner fundraiser.
  • 2015-2016 MHS Band.
  • KAPA dance-a-thon fundraiser.


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TWO TO VIEW - Amazing Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

Video to view image
Wonders On Wheels
The word "can't" doesn't exist for the wheelchair-bound dancers in this video. Watch as they participate in a beautiful ballet.

Video to view image
New Perspective On Hide-And-Seek
Watch from a toddler's point of view as he searches for his parents, with help from the family dog, in a cute game of hide-and-seek.


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SHORT TUTORIAL/FAQ - Is Private Browsing Totally Private?

Question: Is private browsing totally private?

Answer: Maintaining your privacy online is difficult because everything you do is tracked in some way and leaves an electronic "footprint." To counteract this phenomenon, each web browser has something called private mode. When you browse in this mode, the browser doesn't record where you go. Here's how to browse in private mode in Chrome. (If you use a browser other than Chrome, check its help section to find out how to browse privately.)

1. Open a Chrome window.
2. In the top right corner, click the Menu icon (stacked horizontal bars).
3. Select New Incognito Window.
4. A new window will open with a gray "incognito" icon in the top left corner.
5. When you want to close incognito mode, just click "X" in each incognito window.

This method allows you to browse the Internet privately without Chrome saving the sites you visit. You can also try using an entirely private search engine like DuckDuckGo https://duckduckgo.com/. The company's privacy policy is as follows: "What you search for is your own business and we'd like to keep it that way. That's why we don't collect any personal information and therefore, have none to share."

Just remember that neither of these methods are foolproof. Your Internet service provider can still detect the sites you visit, and there is still evidence on your computer that a tech-savvy person could find. Plus, if your employer monitors your computer for work, they can see the sites you visit, as can those sites themselves.


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